Autumn is a magical time for a wedding: the rich golden hues of the trees, falling leaves and the dappled light – it just might be our new favourite wedding season.

Autumn has been a very popular season to get married this year, so we feel inspired to write about some Autumn wedding cake trends, should you decide this is the season for you to get married in:


1. Autumnal Colours

This is an obvious one: Nothing says Autumn quite like the rich palette of falling leaves. Incorporate golden yellows, amber oranges and burnt reds for a definite Autumnal feel. Berry tones work well, too!


2. Woodland Trend

Nature, or forest inspired cake trends have proven to be very popular with Autumn weddings – the wooden tree trunks and the neutral colour palette has got us feeling all kinds of Autumn! A perfect choice for an Autumn wedding.


3. Semi Naked with Seasonal Produce

A semi-naked cake is simply a normal cake that allows the cake layers to show through while keeping the sides nice and straight. Not as casual as a naked cake, it still has a rustic feel – especially dressed up with delicious Autumnal blooms or produce – beautiful!

4. Gold / Rose Gold

The perfect metallic shades for your special Autumn wedding – rose gold especially is a popular choice for an Autumn wedding, bringing out all those berry shades. You can incorporate gold or rose gold metallics in so many ways – from foiling, piping, and even icing!


5. Chocolate/Caramel flavoured

We don’t know if it is the colour, or the comfort of a super rich, gooey, delicious chocolate cake, but there is definitely something about the use of chocolate for a wedding cake that gives us total Autumn vibes. Brown cakes are a gorgeous wedding cake option.. and who doesn’t love a chocolate cake?!

Are you sold on an Autumn wedding yet? We are! As always, if you would like to book a complimentary wedding cake consultation, give us a call on 09-836-8806, or send us an email at [email protected]

With love,

Sweet Bites team xx




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