The cake cutting ceremony.

One of the highlights of any wedding reception, a moment that symbolises so many things – the first act performed together as husband and wife, and the beginning of their new life together. Not only is it one of the best photo opportunities, it is a moment that many guests look forward to – getting to eat the cake! YUM!



Traditionally, it was actually the bride only that used to cut the cake – but as wedding cakes transitioned from simple pastries to complex, intricate cakes consisting of very stiff frosting, it actually became impossible for the bride to cut it! Her husband had to step in and add some strength to help cut through the icing – this is where the current cake cutting tradition was born.




Before we spill on the best way to cut your wedding cake, there’s some prep work that needs to be done first. The very first thing you should ensure is that your wedding cake table is placed in a spot that has a great backdrop from a few different angles, in a position where all your guests can see. This will need to be done when planning out your reception at your venue/ with your wedding planner.

On the actual day, it’s important to give your catering team a 15-20 minute warning before cutting the cake so they can ensure all the props you’ll need will be on the table – a cake knife and serve, cake plate, forks, napkins, and most importantly – two champagne glasses filled with fresh champagne! Make sure that all your important family members will be there to watch – this moment is right up there with the kiss and first dance!



Technically, you should stand wherever you feel comfortable, however for best photos and best view, the bride should stand slightly in from of the groom, both slightly on an angle to face the crowd (and not be blocked by the cake). The groom should hold the knife, with the bride’s hand placed gently on top to guide the cutting.




Although this seems trivial, it is actually important to know the right spot to cut your wedding cake, especially if it has multiple layers!

We always recommend you cut from the bottom tier, into the middle of the cake. Holding the cake base for security, use the sharp knife and make a slice about 5cm towards the centre of the base layer. Cut another 5cm from there and slide the slice out from the bottom layer of the cake, onto a plate using the server. Cut the slice in half, and then use these two slices for the ceremonial feeding!



Usually couples will feed each other the first slice, symbolising their commitment to provide for each other. ‘Smashing’ has become a more modern trend at weddings, which is where instead of feeding each other the first slice, the couple will smash their slice into each other’s faces! Although it is a great time for couples to have a bit of fun after a long day of formality (not to mention the hilarious photo opportunity), smashing can be rather messy, so if you don’t want to risk staining your outfits and messing up your hair and makeup, maybe just stick to traditional feeding. If you are both keen, make sure to have a few extra napkins on hand!




Once you’ve cut the cake in front of all your guests, the catering staff will take over and bring the cake into the kitchen to slice up for the rest of the guests.

If you have decided to save the top of your wedding cake (link latest blog post article), this is the time to do this.

The catering staff will also take care of distributing your cake out to the party, leaving you to enjoy your night and celebrate with your loved ones. Don’t forget ask for a slice of your cake too, and enjoy it – the amount of couples who have came to us saying they never actually got a proper slice of their wedding cake is outrageous!




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