Here at Sweet Bites Cakes we have some delicious allergy friendly cakes, to try and best cater for you and your guest’s special dietary requirements. We offer a couple of allergy friendly alternatives to our classic mud cake and butter cake range, which can be made as both tiered cakes and cupcakes to suit your occasion. If you’d like to get a quote, please fill out our form here.



Our egg and dairy free cake is also vegan, which makes it the perfect option for a multitude of allergy friendly requirements. This light and flavoursome cake comes in multiple flavour options, which can be viewed here.

This vegan cake option is paired with either a dairy free fluffy buttercream or silky ganache. Sweet Bites Cakes dairy free buttercream is made with an oil-based spread and icing sugar, which can be flavoured as desired or to match the chosen cake or cupcake flavour. Our dairy free ganache is made from dark chocolate and coconut cream, which can be used on tiered occasion cakes in the same way our normal ganache is used.

Dark Chocolate Ganache Wedding Cake



Sweet Bites’ second allergy friendly option is our gluten free cake. Gluten intolerance is a more apparent dietary requirement than ever before, and our gluten free option can lend itself to any occasion. Much like our egg and dairy free cake, gluten free comes in multiple flavour options that can be viewed here. Please note that gluten free orders do incur a small additional charge.

Our gluten free cake is served with either our standard buttercream or white chocolate ganache, which are gluten free by nature. These still can contain light traces, so please be cautious if you suffer from Coeliac disease.


Buttercream Cupcakes being piped



Please note that while we take every precaution to avoid gluten/dairy/egg/allergens in our products if required, we do not have a separate kitchen. This means we are unable to guarantee no traces in our products. We do advise that customers order at their own risk if they have severe intolerances!

If you have any other questions or queries you’d like to ask us, please check out our FAQ’s, or contact us and we’d be more than happy to help!

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