Now the seasons have turned, we wanted to share our favourite Autumn cake trends to hopefully give some inspiration for your upcoming occasions! If you want to have a look at some of our most recent cakes, you can check out our Instagram here or Facebook account here.


Gem Tones

When the cooler weather hits and the nights get darker, out come the warm, gem tones and we say goodbye to the light and airy shades! Emerald, ruby, mustard and sapphire colours makes for a luxurious feeling cake, and we are obsessed with creating cakes featuring these colours.



Our favourites this season are the flavours that make us feel the cosy tastes of colder weather. White chocolate and Manuka honey mud cake has our classic white chocolate base, with a beautiful underlying flavour of NZ Manuka honey; a delicious taste of NZ to share with your guests.

If you’re more a fan of rich dark chocolate, our Chocolate Raspberry mud cake is like a classic Black Forest; rich in chocolate flavour with a sweet and tangy hit of raspberries. An all round crowd pleaser! You can also check out our full flavour menu here.



If colour isn’t your pick, the minimalist style is still a very popular trend in the cake industry. Whether it’s an industrial style, monochromatic or textured, minimalist designs can fit all occasions; especially paired with adornments such as fresh flowers or toppers.



3D Cakes

3D cakes are always going to be a favourite for us! Whether you want to bring your favourite TV character, food or nostalgic object to life, it can be such a fun surprise for any occasion. Our mud cakes can be carved to many shapes, so never hesitate to contact us and see what we can create!


If you’d like to order a cake, please visit our quotation form here or you can call us on (09) 8368806!

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