It’s the common thing to do at almost every wedding these days   – we wouldn’t be surprised if everyone from your parents to your hairdresser has reminded you to save the top tier of your wedding cake – but has anyone let you know why?

Historically, the top tier of the wedding cake was saved and kept to be eaten again at one of the couple’s milestones – usually at the christening of their first child, which would often come within the year following the wedding. Rather than find money to buy yet another cake, the couple could store the top tier of their wedding cake in the freezer until they needed it.

These days, it has become a tradition to eat the top tier of your cake at your first wedding anniversary. Instead of saving the top tier for monetary reasons, couples now usually save their top tier for sentimental reasons.

Some couples believe in the superstition of good luck and prosperity that occurs when couples enjoy a piece of cake together one year later – for others, it is simply to celebrate how far they have come. Either way, couples will need to decide what they want to do with the top layer of their cake when it comes to their big day!




The most important step is to entrust someone with the responsibility of the top tier of your cake. During your big day we can assure you that saving the top tier of your cake will be the LAST thing on your mind – make sure to put a trusty bridesmaid or family member in charge of this task.

Immediately after cutting the cake, have the top tier of the cake put into the freezer for a couple of hours to freeze the outer layer of icing.

Once the outer layer is frozen, loosely wrap the entire cake with freezer-safe glad wrap – double checking every section of the cake is covered, with no gaps at all. We would recommend going around a second time with plastic wrap – this will prevent freezer-burn.

Next, place the tier into a cake box (make sure to have one ready at your venue ahead of time! The box will help support and protect the cake in the freezer. We recommend then wrapping the cake box in plastic wrap to seal the box and protect from moisture and air, before placing it in your freezer for next year!

If the idea of eating a one year old cake doesn’t appeal to you, or if your cake doesn’t end up surviving the cold – we can help you! We will happily make you a small cake with the same flavour options as your original wedding cake, so you can celebrate in STYLE – with a fresh, yummy cake!

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