Here at Sweet Bites Cakes, we have birthday cakes flying out the door week in and week out! Our most popular kids’ cake themes vary season to season; influenced by the favourite movie of the month, what games or toys are flying off the shelves or even just beautiful colour combinations! If you’re planning a birthday party for the kid’s in your life, here’s some inspiration to help get the party planning kick started. If you’d like to talk to us about ordering a cake for your special occasion, you can get in touch here via our quote form or contact details! 



Mermaid cakes are an ever popular choice amongst our customers, as it can be fit to any colour palette and age range! Whether it’s for a 1st birthday or a 14th birthday, this theme can be take from cute and delicate to modern and artsy with just a few simple changes. Layer the theme with glitter, metallics or bold colours and it takes this kids’ cake theme to a whole new level!

Duo of Mermaid cakes



The construction kids’ cake theme is bold, bright and a little bit edgy. Graphic mud splashes, bright yellow machinery and orange road signs make for such a fun design! Easily made epic over one or multiple tiers, and the perfect theme for those kids that love to get a little messy.


Now this kids’ cake theme is more inclined to the little ones, but it will be an instant party starter for the masses of mini Baby Shark fans! Bright, bold and cheerful, this theme is definitely one that is trending at the moment. Layer it with 2D or 3D toppers and under the sea touches, your little one will love it!

Group of Baby Shark Cakes



If there is one theme that really stands the test of time, it’s Superhero! Whether you’re die hard for Marvel, DC or anything in between, there is so much fun to be had. Realistic figurines, bold and bright drip cakes adorned with graphic logos, tiers for each of your little ones favourite characters.. there is so much room to play with!


If you have any other questions or queries you’d like to ask us, please check out our FAQ’s, or contact us and we’d be more than happy to help! Check out our Facebook or Instagram for more images.

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