After years and years of practice, we think we have finally mastered the art of transporting our wedding cakes! In the beginning it was extremely stressful, so we recommend to all our couples to have us deliver your cake on your special day – trust us, let us deal with that stress! This week we’ve decided to share with you our secret tips and tricks for transporting our cakes – are they what you expected?

1. Begin with a good base

It’s so important to start with a sturdy base, as this is what is going to support the entire weight of the cake. Over the years we have found a thick wooden board works best. All our cakes come with a matching iced and ribboned board, so the cake will stay supported as well as look pretty on your wedding day! transporting wedding cake

2. Stabilise cake tiers with dowels

Most of our wedding cakes are tiered, whether it’s two, three or four tiers… one time we did 8! Tiered cakes look fantastic, however it’s crucial we make sure the tiers are level, stable and supported – so they don’t sink into each other! To ensure our tiered cakes are stable, we use a process called dowelling. We insert 4-5 little rods into the middle of each cake, and then sit the cake layer over the top, and repeat the process for the amount of tiers we have. This ensures that the upper cake is supported by the little rods, and also helps the upper layers to not slide around when being transported.

3. Transfer to a sturdy cardboard box

We like to make sure our cakes stay in boxes during delivery as we find the box helps it stay secure, as well as protect the cake from dirt/dust/insects/pollution. If you decide you want to pick your cake up, you will receive it in one of our sturdy boxes. If your cake is on pillars, for example, we will disassemble for the delivery, and reassemble at the venue.

4. Lay down a non- slip mat

Our number one secret for delivering wedding cakes – use a non-slip mat! Traffic and road conditions can be unpredictable, so we always use a non-slip mat on a level surface to make sure the cake doesn’t move during transit.

5. Drive VERY carefully!

Even with all our precautions in place, there is still a risk of the cake collapsing while driving – if we have to brake suddenly, or take a corner too quickly. This is why when we are delivering our cakes, we drive super slowly and carefully! We will take the straightest and flattest route to the venue, just to avoid any unnecessary intersections or hills. You will be pleased to know that we haven’t had a collapse yet!

6. Use A Trolley

We prefer to use a trolley when transporting the cake from the car to the venue, to make sure it gets there safely. Using a trolley just means there is even more support for the cake, and less chance of something going wrong. Most venues will have a delivery trolley to use.

transporting wedding cake7. Set up Time!

The fun part! We understand that the wedding cake is the centrepiece of every wedding reception, so we make sure the cake looks its absolute best! We always carry a repair kit too,just in case anything needs fixing up.

We ALWAYS recommend delivery of our wedding cakes, as travel with cakes is super stressful, especially on your wedding day! Delivery means we are entirely responsible for the cake getting to the venue in one piece, and set up perfectly, ready for your reception! Pricing for delivery can range from $10-$100 depending on location – we even deliver cake every single year to Cambridge for a little boy’s birthday! If you would like to enquire about a wedding cake, or if you would like to add on delivery, please email us at [email protected] or call us on 09-836-8806.

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