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How to Pick Your Wedding Cake Flavours!

Some may say that choosing your wedding cake is the most delicious part of organising your special day, but past that, picking the best flavours for your day is even more important! Once you and your cake decorator have designed your dream wedding cake, now comes the...

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5 Autumn Wedding Cake Trends:

Autumn is a magical time for a wedding: the rich golden hues of the trees, falling leaves and the dappled light – it just might be our new favourite wedding season. Autumn has been a very popular season to get married this year, so we feel inspired to write about some...

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Our Best Cakes Of 2017:

Christmas, New Year and December in general is a great time to reminisce, and think about the year that was. We've been thinking about 2017 and all the great cakes we have made this year, and we decided it would be fun to write a blog post on our favourite and most...

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Most Popular Cake Trends Of 2017:

What a year 2017 has been! We thought it would be fun to wrap up December (and 2017) by writing about the most popular cake trends we've seen this year! These have been so fun to make, we can’t wait to see what will be trending in 2018! The most popular cake trends of...

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Our Christmas Collection 2017

We LOVE Christmas here at Sweet Bites, so this year we decided to create some Christmas themed goodies as a gift idea for your loved ones this Christmas – because what’s better than receiving cake for Christmas, right?! Here’s our range:   GINGERBREAD HOUSE   For the...

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How We Transport Our Wedding Cakes:

After years and years of practice, we think we have finally mastered the art of transporting our wedding cakes! In the beginning it was extremely stressful, so we recommend to all our couples to have us deliver your cake on your special day - trust us, let us deal...

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